Peculiarities of electromagnetic field oscillations of a charged particle rotating about a conductive ball

A.H. Mkrtchyan, L.Sh. Grigoryan, H.F. Khachatryan, M.L. Grigoryan, A.V. Sargsyan


Cleaning and sputtering using planar acoustoplasma magnetron

A.S. Abrahamyan, A.H. Mkrtchyan, V.V. Nalbandyan, H.T. Hovhannisyan, R.Yu. Chilingaryan, A.S. Hakobyan, P.H. Mossoyan


Interaction of metals and alloys with gas media under spark discharges

D.V. Mironov, V.M. Mironov, V.F. Mazanko, D.S. Gertsriken, P.V. Peretyatku